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South Point & Boulder Station September 2006

♠ September 30th, 2006 by ♣ lvspecials

On, kingofthemedia reports:


Figured I would sit down and type this one out…to the best I can recall….


Left NC on uneventful USAir flight (which was suprisingly ON SCHEDULE). Note to those on USAir, I believe it was an Airbus 319 that I flew from CLT to LAS and I was happy in that I had a window seat on an emergency row with NO seat in front of me, or so I thought. If I was like 4’9″, it would have been great, but I am 6’2″ and where there is no seat in front of me, there is an emergency door which juts out. My knees were almost in my stomach…even the FA winced when they saw how uncomfortable I was….


right before takeoff though, I pissed off a couple about 3 rows in front of me when I moved to the open window seat. The bitch wife was making huffing noises about how she thought they were going to have an open seat….I basically told her and her husband, tough shit, you try sitting back there for 5 hours…I AM NOT MOVING…they ended up being ok as I pretty much put on a DVD movie and kept to myself. My friend was back a few rows and didn’t see the commotion.   Access The Full Report

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