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Monte Carlo February 2008

♠ February 28th, 2008 by ♣ lvspecials

On, Moe Green reports:


Finally, a month later… Here is my trip report compiled from mental notes from my trip to Las Vegas at the end of February. It’s a long read so I broke it into sections for people like me that skip around when reading.


I used the Guaranteed Expectations promo from the CasinoTripReports blog to place a reservation at Monte Carlo before the top of it had caught fire from the welding incident. It was a non-refundable reservation… I was really worried that the fire would affect my stay, but it was business as usual and I detected no problems. In fact, I felt very safe since I knew that the place had been examined closely by all sorts of inspectors after the fire! Access The Full Report

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Flamingo December 2007

♠ December 30th, 2007 by ♣ lvspecials

On, jojo3d reports:


Flying out on Sat afternoon originally, but bad weather was coming in so I was able to catch the morning flight. Arrived in Vegas by 11am. I took a shuttle to the Flamingo. As a Total Rewards member I was able to get in a shorter check-in line.


I did the $20 trick, but used a $50 instead & asked for a suite. It paid off! Grin Thanks Big MIKEY MIKE! Kiss


I did check-in early telling her that I didn’t mind waiting for a nice room to becaome available later in the day. We got a mini-suite on the top (28th) floor (28151) None of the mini-suites face the strip. Instead the look out on the gardens & pools. Access The Full Report

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Golden Nugget October 2007

♠ October 30th, 2007 by ♣ lvspecials

On, VinnieDaFish reports:


Some random thoughts/reports from my trip to the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas from 10/5 to 10/7.



After much research through countless websites, I found a great deal on a room at the Golden Nugget that had a few days left before expiring. It came with a coupon book that had match-play coupons, 2-for-1 deals, free drinks, etc. by using a special posted on



I wanted the bling bling Nissan Maxima from I called them on Monday before the trip and they said that it was going into the shop for routine maintenance and would probably be available for the weekend. They took down my number and said that they would call me as soon as it returned from the shop. I heard nothing by Wednesday, so I called them and they told me that it was unavailable… I don’t know if they rented it out from under me or if it had an issue that required mechanical attention… I didn’t ask… Disappointed, I went with Hertz using a Car & Driver promo code that I found on to request a Lincoln MKX at a good rate.   Access The Full Report

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Ballys May 2007

♠ May 28th, 2007 by ♣ lvspecials

On, oldflyingfarmer made the report:


back from my trip and wanted to make a short trip report.


Drove in from CA and swung by Red Rock Canyon on my way in. It was worth the time. Nature always has a way to wow you.


then we drove up to Ballys where we had our reservations. I slipped the guy a twenty between my cc and license as I asked if he had a complimentary upgrade. He said he could put me in a newly remodeled room on the 24th floor of the North tower. I went with it. I was satisfied.


Largest hotel room that wasn’t a suite that I have ever had. Nice marble bath that satisfied my wife. I don’t know what I would have received w/o the twenty, maybe the same, but I was satisfied. Access The Full Report

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